Causes and solution of religious violence in nigeria

432 religious conflict during the 1980's according to falola, 'religious violence became one of the most serious crises of the 1980's and beyond'75 falola argues that the religious violence during the 1980's in nigeria was a result of internal economic and political decay76 he further argues that religious tension was building up. Violent religious clashes broke out in the city of kaduna in northern nigeria on february 21 and have continued throughout the week kaduna is the second largest city in the north the clashes. Some nigerians believe that nigeria's current crises, conflicts and violence are politically, ethnically and economically induced and its solution must be rooted in these same social factors but the truth is, the political culture of nigeria is still primitive and undeveloped.

A report to be released in abuja by open doors and the christian association of nigeria (can), 'crushed but not defeated, the impact of persistent violence on the church in northern nigeria', makes a detailed study of the violence that has occurred. Nigeria, if a religious conflict starts anywhere, the igbo man will in one way or the other be made to bear an extra portion of the brunt of the conflict if he manages to escape alive, his petrol station. Plateau state is currently the main site of ethnic and religious violence in northern nigeria the past decade has seen recurrent crises across the state, in urban and rural.

Violence in nigeria in its various forms has evolved over the decades from use of traditional weapons, charms and hamlets, violence in nigeria has taken sophisticated dimension political, electoral, religious, ethnic/tribal, cultism and other forms of violence are dominant in the nigerian society. Perhaps nigeria was saved from violence by the fact that the results were overwhelming in favor of the muslim candidate, major gen muhammadu buhari, who beat the incumbent goodluck jonathan. Beyond uprooting boko haram, president-elect muhammadu buhari faces the difficult task of cultivating peace in a region riven by violence and religious distrust. Religious bigotry between christians and moslems is one of the key causes of ethnic conflict in nigeria history shows that religious intolerance was the cause of the riot that took place in kano on may 1, 1953 which began a series of violent attacks against non-muslims in the country. Religious violence in contemporary nigeria 87 also, one very serious dimension of religious crisis was the upsurge of movement known as yan tatsini popularly known as maitatsine.

Religious intolerance is a global malaise that has triggered anarchy and turmoil in several parts of the world since the '70s, nigeria has had more than a fair share of religious conflicts. Nigeria is synonymous with deep divisions which cause major political issues to be vigorously and violently contested along the lines of intricate ethnic, religious and regional divisions issues that raise the most dust are those regarded essential for the existence and the validity of the state. Freedom refers to religious violence in nigeria as follows: since 1999, more than 10,000 nigerians have been killed in sectarian and communal attacks and reprisals between muslims and christians.

From as far back as one can remember, religious intolerance has been a source of prolonged and conflagrated conflict particularly between christians and muslims the kano riot of 1 may 1953 was the beginning of a series of violence against non-muslims inspired by bigotry. (rns) ongoing violence in nigeria has exacerbated tensions between the country's muslims and christians nigeria has equal numbers of christians and muslims, and 92 percent of the country's. In the philippines, 75 people were killed prior to the may 2007 elections, while 80 others were wounded in election violence(samuel mondays atuobi 2008) in africa, countries like zimbabwe, kenya, uganda, ethiopia, chad, nigeria, sierra leone and zambia have all been characterised by election violence. The popular belief that religion is the cause of the world's bloodiest conflicts is central to our modern conviction that faith and politics should never mix but, karen armstrong writes, the. Muslim groups in the north nigeria have also denounced the violence, though many in the north remain angry over the high unemployment and poverty crushing the region as politicians embezzle billions of dollars of the country's oil revenues.

Causes and solution of religious violence in nigeria

Violence in nigeria: top ten causes and solutions nigeria got her independence on october 1, 1960, and has indeed come a long way nigeria is home to a diverse culture, beliefs, and tradition, each unique in its own way, adding to the beauty and colour of the country. Religious violence in nigeria is endemic, it's persistent occurrence made igwe, (2001), a public commentator to exclaim thus: i think it is a shame. Religious crisis in nigeria religious crisis in nigeria - it is most suddenly and interesting that religion is such phenomena in human life, it's an opinion that cannot be ignored ordinarily, even by their doubt, believe or not believing that god exists.

To discuss about violence whether political, religious or ethnic is to also to talk about conflict which serves as the major platform for such violence conflict of interests creates the ground for all forms of crises and violence witnessed in nigeria. Violence as: jarring since religion is thought to be opposed to violence: however, the history and the scripture of the world's religions tell stories of violence and war. Religious violence in nigeria: causal diagnoses and strategic recommendations to the state and religious communities isaac terwase sampson abstract the literature on religious violence in nigeria largely implicates socio-economic, political and governance deficits as the major causes of such violence. Domestic violence against women in nigeria unicef (2001) in its study asserted that traditionally in nigeria, as in many other african countries, the beating of wives and children is widely sanctioned as a form of discipline.

The uk government says it's working with politicians in nigeria to bring about peace following months of religious based violence in the african country a question was put to ministers here by lord alton based on the attacks by fulani militia which included the targeting of the home of archbishop. Violence in nigeria in its various forms has evolved over the decades from use of traditional weapons, charms and hamlets, violence in nigeria has taken. The paper, as matters arising, critically examines the often ignored, and at best-perfunctorily handled, aspects of coverage of crime and violence in nigerian media nigeria's socio-political and economic landscape has been blighted by the endemic twin evil of crime and violence of major, tragic and alarming proportions.

Causes and solution of religious violence in nigeria
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