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Biddy mason won freedom from slavery, worked as a nurse/midwife and then became a successful entrepreneur and a generous contributor to social causes she was born august 15, 1818 in mississippi, usa as a slave on a plantation owned by robert marion smith and rebecca (crosby) smith. Biddy mason camille gavin talked about her book, biddy mason: a place of her own, in which she chronicles the life of former slave and entrepreneur bridget biddy mason, who, after gaining. On january 15, 1891 bridget biddy mason died at the age of 73 in memory of her november 16 was declared biddy mason day also a park was designed by landscape architects burton & spitz at the site of her home. Bridget biddy mason (august 15, 1818 - january 15, 1891) was an african-american nurse and a californian real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist she is the founder of the first african methodist episcopal church in los angeles, california.

Bridget biddy mason was born in 1818 she may have been born on robert marion smith's plantation in mississippi or perhaps she was simply purchased by him when she was still young in either case, her fortunes followed those of the smith family until she gained her freedom biddy had no. The exhibition california bound: slavery on the new frontier, 1848-1865 includes the well-known but seldom-depicted story of biddy mason draw your own storyboard of mason's journey to freedom and her rise to become one los angeles's richest women and philanthropists. Biddy mason, 1818-1891 photo courtesy of los angeles public library in 1866, a 48-year-old woman named biddy mason purchased two lots land for $250 on spring street (said to be somewhere between fourth and fifth streets) in what would later become downtown los angeles. Bridget biddy mason was born into slavery on august 15, 1818 on a georgia plantation after being ripped away from her parents and sold to different plantation owners she worked in georgia, mississippi, and south carolina.

Bridget biddy mason was born a slave in 19th-century america the family she served, the smiths, were rather restless, bouncing around from state to state before winding up in california. Bridget biddy mason, born a slave in mississippi in 1818, achieved financial success that enabled her to support her extended family for generations despite the fact that she was illiterate in a landmark case she sued her master for their freedom, saved her earnings, invested in real estate. A mock up of biddy masons house in downtown los angeles, narration, hassan jamal/ camera, ken wyrick. Bridget biddy mason (august 1818 in hancock county, georgia - january 1891 in los angeles, california) was an african american nurse, and a california real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Biddy mason, born into slavery, walked two thousand miles to get to california she won her freedom in a los angeles courtroom in 1856g even though the law did not allow people of color to speak in open court. Meet the grandmother of los angeles at biddy mason park the timeline wall by artist sheila debretteville and visual artist beyte saar's assemblage takes one back to the way it was on the original site in 1866 when pioneering philanthropist biddy mason, a former slave, ran the city's first child. Biddy mason was a living legend in los angeles back in the mid-1800s the former slave--who had walked hundreds of miles to reach california and freedom--helped found first african methodist episcopal church, the first black church in los angeles, and the first elementary school for black children. Biddy mason, born into slavery, walked two thousand miles to get to california she won her freedom in a los angeles courtroom in 1856-even though the law did not allow people of color to speak in open court a skilled nurse and midwife, she saved her money and helped anyone who was in need she. Genealogy profile for biddy mason bridget mason (1818 - 1891) - genealogy genealogy for bridget mason (1818 - 1891) family tree on geni, with over 180 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives.

Biddy was an african american slave and the mother of ellen (b 1838), ann (b 1844), and harriet (b 1847) she traveled to utah with robert m smith according to john brown's company of 10, report. Scholarships on january 19, 2019 the biddy mason charitable foundation will begin accepting applications for scholarships for the 2019 year the deadline to apply is march, 29, 2019 the deadline to apply is march, 29, 2019. Biddy mason 1818 - 1891 during the 1800's only a few black men and women were free yet, biddy mason appeared in a california court and won freedom for herself and family. It is dedicated to biddy mason, a black midwife, who was a leading citizen of los angeles, and lived at 331 spring street from 1866-1891 the mural includes inscriptions, images of deeds and maps, and a photograph of biddy mason. After emancipation, she chose to be known as bridget biddy mason mason came from the middle name of amasa lyman, who was the mayor of san bernadino and a mormon apostle bridget had spent a considerable amount of time with the lyman household.

Biddy mason

Biddy mason (1818-1891) was a southern slave who become free after she moved with her masters to california she built a career in los angeles as a nurse and a midwife, bought a piece of property, and used her business skills to become of the wealthiest black women in the united states after the civil war, as well as a notable philanthropist. Activities, parks at biddy mason park in historic core find things to do whether you are looking for the newest designer couture or the best place to eat fish tacos while soaking in the socal sun. Bridget mason, known to everyone as biddy, was born into slavery on august 15, 1818 her place of birth was probably hancock county, georgia, though some historians cite it as mississippi she was of mixed african american and native american descent, but the names of her parents are unknown.

Born a slave in the south in 1818 grandma mason won her freedom in la court & became one of the 1st african americans to purchase land in lathe park features a timeline tracing her accomplishments. A biography profiling the life of bridget biddy mason, a former slave who won her freedom in california, and later worked as a nurse and helped others includes source notes and timeline to ask other readers questions about bridget biddy mason, please sign up be the first to ask a question. Biddy mason was born august 15, 1818 on robert smith's plantation in hancock, georgia thirty-eight years were spent in bondage, four of them in california, before she finally received her freedom. For black history month, let's remember bridget (often called biddy) mason, a los angeles woman whose contributions to the city were many according to reports in the times over the years, mason was born a slave in mississippi in 1818.

Biddy mason 88 likes bridget biddy mason was an african-american nurse and a californian real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist she is the.

biddy mason Bridget biddy mason: a walking sensation is a beautifully illustrated peek into the lives of african americans through the eyes of a very special young person that all children will be able to learn from and love.
Biddy mason
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